The Real Estate Corner

Hey readers! This is the Real Estate Corner of my blog. As you may know, my main focus is on real estate investing and passive income. Owning rental property is a great way to build wealth and create mostly passive income.

Here you will find bios on every property in my portfolio (see below). You’ll also find my monthly report, the ‘Landlord Report’. These updates will show everything from rents, to expenses and repairs (hopefully not). Occasionally, you might even get a funny story about a tenant.

Also, my goal is to provide transparency into the life of a landlord. I am sure everyone has heard the NIGHTMARES OF BEING A LANDLORD…. But the FACT is…. being a landlord is great! Trust me, its not scary like most people think. Don’t believe me? Keep reading my blog and you will see that being a landlord is an great amazing way to generate passive income.

I will not sugar coat anything about my experiences or portfolio. There will be bumps along the road, but the dollar per hour is unbeatable.  Along the way, I hope that you ask questions you may have about real estate investing. Furthermore, I hope this blog will pique your interest and that you will consider real estate investing. I have yet to find a better wealth creator and believe real estate is capable of providing financial independence for all.

My Portfolio:

Rental Property #1: The Starter Home

Rental Property #2: The Fixer-Upper –

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Rental Property #3: My Duplex

Rental Property #4: Comings soon

Monthly Reports:

December 2017 – The Landlord Report – December 2017

November 2017 – The Landlord Report – November 2017

October 2017 – The Landlord Report – October 2017

September 2017 – Landlord Report – September 2017

August 2017 – Landlord Report – August 2017

July 2017 – Landlord Report – July 2017

May & June 2017 – Landlord Report – May & June 2017

April 2017 – Landlord Report – April 2017

March 2017 – Landlord Report – March 2017

More monthly reports to follow!

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