Making it Happen in Series: Coming Tomorrow

Thats right folks… The Making it Happen: Jr Real Estate Investors series will finally launch tomorrow. Life has been very busy getting rental property #3 under control. I also lost a bidding war for rental property #4 in the past two weeks (bummer). Combined these items with the typical headaches of a 9-5 job and a side business, well… I have not had time to blog.

But! We have 5 great guests lined up and will be releasing one guest post a day starting on MONDAY. MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY (just like the monster car rallies).

Our first guest post will focus on a gentleman that lives in a high cost of living city. He will share his experience as a real estate investor that buys rental properties out of state. In fact, he has never even seen his rental properties! But he has great property managers who take care of all of his dirty work. His post will also share that real estate investing and leverage is in fact WORTH your time. He takes a long term approach to his investing and will provide great insight

Our second guest post will focus on a young lady who recently bought her first property. She is house hacking in a multi unit apartment building AND getting paid to live there. She has a fascinating story and start to her real estate investing. Her plans do not stop with one property as she plans to grow her rental property portfolio over the next few years.

Our third guest always wanted to own real estate and kind of lucked into her first property. Her husband and her plan to pay down all of their debt in the next few years. Moving forward, they will look to buy a few more properties in ALL CASH as apart of the financial independence plan.

Our Fourth started in real estate as a teenager learning to fix up properties with his father. This experience gave him the itch and he quickly caught the real estate bug. He currently owns a rental property and plans to use the cash flow for his early retirement in a few years.

Our final guest invests in both residential AND commercial properties. He shares his struggles with debt in his early years. This battle with debt motivated him to find ways to build income. His story shows that you do not need a lot of cash to start in real estate.

We hope that you will read along this week with our guest posts. Please ask questions; these guests a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate.

Also, moving forward, we will continue to share others real estate investors stories. If you would like to be featured, please email me at

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