Blog Update: Future Direction

Hi y’all – I started this blog last June without much direction. I wanted to document and share my journey to achieving FIRE (Financial Independence; Retire Early)…. and so far I have…

Along the way, I have made a lot of friends blogging and had a few decent posts like The $30,000 Car That Cost My Friend over $240,000 and Passive Income: The Holy Grail of Financial Independence and Retiring Early. However, my blog has lacked a bit of a niche or direction.

I am not one to seriously budget, though I loosely follow one. Some consider me frugal but I am not one to be overly frugal. I keep my spending in check but splurge occasionally on travel.

Guy on FIRE’s New Direction

After much debate, and several conversations, my blog has finally found a bit of a niche. I will still post about my path to financial independence…. BUT! Future posts will focus more on real estate investing (and passive income), like my newest investment property. I firmly believe that real estate is (one of) the best way to obtain financial freedom and a great form of (mostly) passive income.

Moving forward, I will share monthly updates on ALL of my properties. I will let you, my readers, know ALL the details.

I will share information like collecting rents, mortgage payments, dealing with tenants, the random repairs and any other items that may pop up…. Believe me, I have seen some pretty crazy stuff as a landlord/property manager. I have also successfully house hacked my living situation so that I get PAID to live somewhere… Why pay for something if you don’t have to?

I am not going to sugar coat anything, but owning cash flowing real estate is pretty sweet (don’t judge my corny puns). You will get a full look into the good, the bad and the ugly of being a landlord (slumlord?). I hope my future posts will encourage readers to think about real estate and how it may help them achieve their financial goals.

Other Posts

I will still post about dividends since I believe they are a great…. no, AMAZING source of PASSIVE income. Such post will still be documented at The Dividend Report.

I still plan to have a few random posts related to FIRE, personal finance, and future travel plans. However, moving forward, expect a lot more about real estate investing and other forms of passive income.

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  1. PI king a niche is hard! I think you did it the right way by testing out writing on a few things to find the one thing you really wanted to focus on. 🙂 It’s a great topic! Good luck.

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