Announcing a New Guest Post Series

I love real estate and guess what? I am very excited to announce our new guest series “Making it Happen: Jr. Real Estate Investors” that will start next month. The series will share the stories of junior real estate investors who own 1 to 5 properties and we have some great AMAZING guests lined up.

The Mission

Our goal is to show the benefits of being a landlord. We hope our guests’ stories will inspire you and that you will see how real estate can positively impact your life. Real estate provides great passive income and is one of the best vehicles to achieving financial independence.

You will learn how our guests got their start in real estate. These investors will share their story and how real estate is positively impacting their lives.

These are real people with real stories. We hope that you will be able to relate to someone who just bought their first property and hope that you see yourself doing something similar.

Also, our guest will share some of the headaches that they may have encountered as a landlord. As you know, we will always aim for transparency. Real estate is not all sunshine and rainbows…. BUT its pretty damn awesome most of the time.

We hope you will follow our series over the next few weeks. Lastly, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in participating. We have a spot or two still open.

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