The Two Day Week: 6 Saturdays and a Sunday

6 Saturdays and A Sunday

The average week consists of 7 days. Everyone has a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And most people are living for the weekend. Or rather, working for their weekends. Sound familiar? Fairly common, right?

Well, this concept does not apply to me. Or at least when I reach financial independence my weeks will not consist of 7 days. Instead, my lifestyle will reflect a week consisting of 6 Saturdays and a Sunday.

But what does this mean?  And what happened to Monday thru Friday?

6 Saturdays and A Sunday

Two types of Saturdays

Have you ever noticed there are two types of Saturdays? Some weekends you may enjoy a leisurely Saturday full of fun and relaxation. While other weekends may require a productive Saturday.

The leisurely Saturday is preferred. It’s the type of day where you may sleep in an extra hour, go to the gym, and meet up with friends for a day full of adventure. Perhaps you may venture out on a road trip or a day hike at a local park. Or maybe you opt to visit the local museum or check out that new brewery everyone is talking about. Inclement weather may even call for a healthy dose of Netflix & Chill.

Or maybe you are more familiar with the other type of Saturday – the quasi-productive Saturday. This type of day may be filled with running errands and catching up on tasks you neglected during the work week.

You might be running all over town to pick up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and doing laundry. Perhaps your workload requires you to work weekends.

The big takeaway is that Saturdays are either flexible days filled with enjoyment or days partially filled with productivity completing necessary tasks. Who wouldn’t want 6 Saturdays and a Sunday every week?

The normal person’s calendar looks like this:

By achieving financial independence and retiring early, your calendar is rearranged and looks like this:

6 Saturdays and a Sunday

6 Saturdays and a Sunday

Which calendar do you want to live by? Don’t lie to yourself. The correct answer is 6 Saturdays and a Sunday.


Sundays are typically a day of rest spent and a time spent with family and friends. Sunday is also for football and sometimes referred to as the Lord’s Day. Given the sanctity of Sunday, this day will always remain on my calendar.

Nothing like an exciting touchdown!

6 saturdays and a sunday

But then the coach throws the red flag…. And the following play is under review. After a few nail biting play….. You hear, “After further review, the ruling on the field stands.”

The crowd goes nuts!!!! Who could give up Sunday?

Saying good bye to the ‘rest of the week’


Well, first off…. Have you ever met anyone who likes Mondays? No? Me either. Don’t lie to yourself, you know you hate Mondays.

In fact, the fear and dread of Monday sinks in Sunday evenings and kills the buzz of a great weekend. Or for my millennial readers, once Game of Thrones ends.

You are greeted on Monday mornings by that damn alarm clock that goes off way too early and is way too loud. There is not enough coffee in the world to get you going on Mondays. Coworkers apathetically ask you about your weekend when all you want to do is hide in your cubical and wish you had another day off.

Who enjoys that? Who would ever miss that? Not me.


Well, Tuesdays fall into ‘just another day’ category. The second day of the work week is bland. As you recover from the Monday Blues you may find your productivity increases and accomplish some of those items on the never ending to-do list.

The lady above has a never ending to-do list. Who wants that? The to-do list below sound a lot better if you ask me, but I will let you decide for yourself.


Ah, then there is Wednesdays. Your co-workers are high fiving and cheering that we are half way through the week.

Then there is that guy. You know THAT guy in the office that is always going around pleading for you to guess what day it is? Mike, Mike, Mike! Guess! What Day! It is?!?! HUMP DAAAAYYYYYY!

My name is not Mike, fucker. And yes, I know what day it is. The day after Tuesday is ALWAYS Wednesday.

Sadly, this guy is stuck on the hamster wheel and is doomed working late into his life. It’s sad to think about how many hump days he must endure.

Yet he gloats about the luxurious weekend getaway he took with his slam piece. Oh and he almost forgot to mention, he is house shopping for a home three times larger than he could possibly need. He will never know what 6 Saturdays and a Sunday feels like.

Yeah… Not going to miss ‘hump days’ in the office. In fact, I may never know its Wednesday again. The day will feel more like a Saturday; there there will be no awkward water cooler talks or cubicles in sight. That sounds real good.

Still not on board with 6 Saturdays and a Sunday every week yet?


Thursday shows up just as the week becomes almost unbearable. Your workload is daunting and your boss is a prick.

So, why not hop on LinkedIn for a moment? Wow, that recruiter just creeped on my profile. Maybe I should message her about one of those openings she just mentioned.

But then you realize that grass may not be greener on the other side.

All of your co-workers and you agree that y’all are way overworked and under appreciated. Someone yells out that it is ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and that the office should go to happy hour.

Paying for over priced drinks to numb the pain sounds great. Everyone discusses the upcoming plans for the weekends and rant about office drama. Things seem like they might be better next week – especially after a two days vacation you a promised that your boss calls the weekend.


Friday. Everyone is amped up about Friday. The mood in the office is lighter and more relaxed. People take longer lunches, show up late and leave early. You may have that guy or girl in the office that brings in bagels or doughnuts to celebrate the end of the week too.

For many, pay day falls every other Friday. Your co-workers also mention that its payday. If you are on the financial independence path, you probably lost track of when payday is since you actually have your shit together.

As the day progresses, people start saying things like, “Only 4 more hours.” Then you run into them again two hours later at the water cooler to hear them say, “only two more hours.”

I will mildly miss Fridays. Getting paid is awesome. Sacrificing 40 to 60 hours a week? No thanks. Collecting a paycheck is not worthing giving up years of my life. I’d rather buy back my time and prefer passive income.

Do you want to be stuck on the hamster wheel? Or would you rather have 6 Saturdays and a Sunday every week? If you are willing to make a few lifestyle changes, increase your saving and investing habits, you too can escape the rat race. Or are you turned off at the prospect of having 6 Saturdays and Sunday every week?

10 thoughts on “The Two Day Week: 6 Saturdays and a Sunday

  1. Can we implement 6 Saturdays and a Sunday right now???

    I love the feeling on vacation when I have to actually think about what day it is. “Is it Monday or Wednesday? I forgot…” is one of the best thoughts to have! Yet we are so often tied to a constantly rotating set of days which drag or fly by without the ability to truly craft our week or our life.

    Looking forward to the day when I wake up and wonder which “Saturday” it is 😉

  2. If you can figure out how to make college football play 6 days a week, I will give you all the monies!!!!

    That being said., I got a glimpse of this life this past summer, and it’s every bit as amazing as you’d expect.

    Soon enough…. until then Rock out to Loverboy!!!!

  3. When I saw the title of this post I thought, hey, just what I do! I work about two days a week, actually to be honest less than that. But I enjoy doing a little consulting and it pays 100% of the family expenses even though I could do that without earning since I’m way past FI. However I like keeping my brand alive in the industry in case I ever did want to entertain another JOB. Unlikely but my two day week is fun for now because it is work on my terms and not on anyone else’s. To be honest though for most of my corporate career I did enjoy Mondays. My job was largely one of my most fun hobbies, until it wasn’t. That’s when I left.

  4. Haha I love this! Plus not having to do errands and such on the weekends means we can avoid a lot of the traffic and do it during the normal folks work day. Eventually… 🙂

  5. This is awesome! Love this mentality. I feel that I’m somewhat there as I stay home with our girls, but it would be even cooler if both my wife and I could get there! Thanks for the motivation to work even harder on the side hustle and work to build faster towards financial freedom!

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